Bahira Town - lahore

The grand city of Lahore, where all the rich history and culture of Pakistan is been treasured for its historical monuments, is now getting transformed into a modern metropolitan via high end urbanization process. An ever increasing population along with all the Hi-Rise development has gradually taken over the natural ethnicity of the city which comes as a land of five rivers.

This is where Bahria Town Lahore developments bring back the old spirit of its greenery along with all the modern touch. The master plan of this project revitalizes the collective setting within the vicinity of the famous Lahore Canal. Life is embraced at Bahria Town Lahore with the amalgamation of the most advanced lifestyle with an old touch and this is something which makes it a class apart.

Our Team

We firmly believe in treating our team members as our most valuable asset. We understand that all that organization, machinery, state of the art wide landscape and the most advanced technology are all pointless unless the common passion of the manpower turns this dream into a ground reality. Our common belief which comes as “We shall grow as a company through the growth of our people” thoroughly puts it through to our Company policies in regards to employee development and caring. We are always been supported and guided by the great business knowledge and vision of our founder Malik riaz hussain and CEO Ali Riaz Malik.


Our mission

Under the guidance of our chairman and founder Malik riaz hussain, we aim towards revolutionizing the knowledge economy of Pakistan, by triggering the academic sector via exploratory collaborations, Innovative Research and state of the art Education system. We are involved in generating knowledge expertise in various fields along with a detailed implementation of the same knowledge into different local and global communities.

Our Vision

Bahria Town Lahore developments come as a foreground for the rich history of the land of Punjab and that’s how we look towards forming a platform of the rich culture & architectural history towards a brighter and better Pakistan. This is where we have preserved the natural ethnicity of the surroundings whilst transforming them into a more progressive residential lifestyle. The project includes a big list of Farm houses, traditional bungalow type large land formats, economy housing and luxury lifestyle and all of this has been framed into an adaptable and diverse community altogether. You can always explore and discover state of the art Health facilities and entertainment alongside various commercial and business opportunities .All these establishments have made Bahria Town Lahore as one of the most progressive and potential places in the country.

Projects of Bahria Town Lahore